An Easter Update

With lots of eggciting things happening here in the last couple of weeks, we thought it would be a good time for an update!

This week we had the pleasure of having  “How to Dad” Internet sensation Jordan Watson and his family join us on a whale watch flight. Jordan and his family have spent the Easter holidays experiencing the Alpine Pacific touring route by camper van. We are happy to say that we received some big thumps up! Check out his Instagram to find out more of what he has been up to. #howtodadnz

The Alpine Pacific Touring Route is New Zealand’s newest touring route and is set to become one of the best scenic routes in the world. Running between Christchurch, Kaikoura and Hammer Springs it Is full of unforgettable experiences, perfect for an Easter getaway! 

To help celebrate Easter, we are running our own Easter special over the school holidays. Using Promo code HolidayFun at check out you can receive a discount of 15% when you book a family of four with South Pacific Helicopters or Wings over Whales till the 30th April! 

We have had some absolutely stunning weather (and some not so nice!) here in Kaikoura over March and April that has bought some early snowfall to the Kaikoura ranges, making for some great views and even some snow landings with the helicopters! 


          Easter update blog           Easter update blog


As we head from Summer to Autumn we have begun to see a few more of our migratory species on our flights including blue whales and also a few juvenile humpback whales that are at the start of their long migration to the tropical waters of the pacific Islands for the winter months. We expect to see many more along the coast as we get into May. Keep an eye out for our next blog to find out more about Humpbacks and their mammoth migration.

We are starting to see larger groups of Dusky dolphins with pod sizes averaging between 100-500 individuals which is characteristic of them from April onwards. We have had a steady number of Orca sightings and not to forget the main stars of the show the Sperm whales, have also been giving passengers some awesome views.

We are also excited to show you something we have been working on in the background for Wings Over Whales so stay tuned! All shall be announced soon!

In the mean time keep up to date with our latest sightings and trips on Instagram and Facebook, we look forward to flying you soon!

Posted by on April 21, 2019