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Missed seeing whales on the boat so decided to try from the air the next day and we got to see 3 whales! Such an amazing experience and the team are friendly and super professional - 100% worth doing!

Mike Clark, Google reviews

We decided to use the plane rather than the boats to see the whales due to time limitations and we did not know how the kids would handle the boat in rough seas. It was an amazing flight . Matt flew a long way to find our first whale and we circled before we got a great view of it diving . On the flight back we got to see the second whale that the boats had caught up with . Highly recommend.

Daniel Bouge, Google reviews

Fantastic experience, 1 fixed wing flight and 1 helicopter flight, both extremely professional and went out of their way to give us a fantastic experience. Will definitely be back more than once, would highly recommend giving this a go, even if your like me and have issues with heights, they make sure you are comfortable. Saw 1 whale on the first flight and several extra on the chopper. Even if we didn't see any it would have been well worth what we paid.

Vincent, Google reviews

Excellent professional service Our pilot Emily was full of information throughout the experience spotting 2 whales and sharing her knowledge Memorable experience, do it

brentb757, TripAdvisor

Really enjoyed this trip from start to finish - from reconfirming at the office in town yesterday to disembarking the flight this morning! I've done the Whale Watch tour by boat before, but always wondered what it would be like to go whale watching by plane. It was fantastic! From a boat you can get a little closer to the animals, however it takes a while to get to them and you can't really appreciate their full size/shape. However from the air you can really appreciate the whole size of the whales and see them coming and up and down from the depths. We were fortunate to see about 5 orcas and 1 sperm whale on our flight. Mike, our pilot was a great guide/pilot. From taking us through the safety briefing at check in and throughout the duration of our flight, he was a pro! Highly recommend this trip.

Nicksterful, TripAdvisor

Fantastic experience! Warm welcome, great pre flight tutorial. Friendly informative pilot. Great views- 2 whales and 2 dolphin pods spotted- plenty of time for viewing and photos. Excellent value for money.

Polksontour, TripAdvisor