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Wings and Kayaks Combo

Allow 5 hours

Wings Over Whales and Kaikōura Kayaks have teamed up to show case the Marine wildlife from the sea to the air that Kaikōura has to offer.

Kaikōura is home to sperm whales year round, as well as a popular migratory and feeding route for many other species of whales and dolphins. From the air passengers can experience the true magnitude of the world’s largest mammal, the whale. These animals can reach an impressive 18 metres in length and weigh up to 60 tonne!

This combo offers a Kayak in Kaikoura tour with Kaikōura Kayaks and a 30 minute whale watching flight with Wing Over Whales.

Wings Over Whales Kaikōura operate high-winged aircraft, which allows each person their own window seat and optimal, unobstructed viewing. All whale watching flights are carried out in accordance with Department of Conservation Marine Mammal Regulations.

Kaikōura Kayaks offers an adventure around the beautiful coastal waters with 100% guaranteed seal viewing that takes in the breath-taking views of sheer cliff faces, craggy rocks and mountain ranges while searching for chance encounters with dusky dolphins and blue penguins.

The guided wildlife kayak in kaikoura tour is family friendly, suitable for all ages and abilities while operating year round and doesn't require any previous kayaking experience.

We recommend the 8:15am kayaking tour then follow with a whale watching flight at 1:00pm

Once you have made your booking, Kaikōura Kayaks will be in contact to schedule your kayaking tour.


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