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Mysteries of the Deep

The Pilot whales name originates from the belief that each pod followed a ‘pilot” in the group. This has since been disregarded however the name has stuck. See more

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Big research for Little Lives

With your help this Red Nose Day, we’d love to help raise as much as we can for #curekidsnz. Fly with us over 31st July through to the 2nd August and we will donate $30 from every full paying fair to… See more

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Kaikōura and the Whales

Whales have a huge presence among New Zealand history in both lifestyle and culture. Many of the Maori tribes have strong cultural affinities to whales. See more

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The Humpback Highway

One of the greatest migrations in the world has started, and here in Kaikoura we are lucky to get a front row seat. This year the humpback whale migration started early with our first sightings of… See more


Wolves of the Sea

For thousands of years these apex predators have appeared in mythologies and human cultures and over the centuries they have been known by many names with sailors often referring to them as the… See more


20 Things you didn't know about whales

And to give you something a bit different, here’s 20 facts that you might not have known about these fantastic animals See more

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Whales in Maori Tradition

All Maori iwi (tribes) across Aotearoa (New Zealand) have a strong cultural connections to whales. See more

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In tune with the whales

With serious threats being faced by global warming and a dearth of natural resources the world over, it’s time for everyone to do their part and take steps to protect the environment and its natural… See more


New owners of Wings Over Whales

South Pacific Helicopters NZ confirmed as the new owners of Wings Over Whales NZ Ltd See more